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Scientific Strategic Plan

The Enterprise's scientific strategic plan for accelerating HIV vaccine research was published in the February 2005 issue of Public Library of Science (PLoS) Medicine. The plan describes the major challenges facing the field and makes recommendations in six priority areas:


Vaccine Discovery

The immediate goal is to design candidate vaccines that cause the immune system to produce protective responses from both of its major arms cellular immunity and neutralizing antibodies.

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Laboratory Standardization

The laboratory assays that researchers use to assess immune response may not be comparable, severely hampering decisions about which candidates to pursue for further testing.

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Product Development and Manufacturing

Once researchers have identified a vaccine design that they believe is promising, a critical phase of vaccine research is developing a manufacturing process that yields consistent batches over time.

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Clinical Trials Capacity

Three phases of clinical trials in humans are required to fully test a vaccine candidate.

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Regulatory Issues

National regulatory oversight of clinical trials is the cornerstone of safe and scientifically valid medical research.

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Intellectual Property Issues

Researchers routinely seek patents and other intellectual property protections for their inventions.

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