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In the past year, stakeholders' activates that support the Enterprise's Scientific Strategic Plan have helped move the Enterprise from a planning phase to one of implementation.

CHAVI, the US NIH-funded Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology, released its Year 2 Fall Progress Report last month detailing an extensive network of exciting activities, collaborations, and new research. As the report states, CHAVI is: "starting to make the transition from "survey" science to "hypothesis-driven" science as the discovery teams reach the end of the first year of studies. We anticipate the next quarter of CHAVI efforts will be characterized by a rising tempo of both clinical site enrollment as more of the clinical protocols become activated, and accelerated activity by all of the now fully functioning discovery teams." The full report can be viewed here. A highlight of the report as well as a summary of CHAVI's latest scientific achievements can be found in their January 15, 2007 newsletter. Visit CHAVI's website for additional information.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-funded Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery (CAVD) is also making great strides as the 16 consortia and centers begin developing new models for collaborative research. At the CAVD kick-off meeting in December 2006 in Seattle, over 200 members of the 16 vaccine discovery consortia and central facilities met to learn more about each other's work and ways in which to share data and materials in an accelerated timeline as advocated for in the Enterprise Scientific Strategic Plan. A summary of the CAVD kick off-meeting can be viewed here.

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