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Achieving the Vision

Any institution or individual involved in HIV vaccine research, policy, funding, and advocacy can contribute to achieving the goals of the Enterprise. Specific ways to contribute include:

Scientists and research organizations:

  • Participate in research to address priorities in the Enterprise scientific plan
  • Increase collaboration and sharing of data and research protocols

Government and philanthropic funding agencies:

  • Increase funding for HIV vaccine research
  • Target funding to projects that support priorities in the Enterprise scientific plan

Political leaders:

  • Vocally support increased, more collaborative HIV vaccine research
  • Host clinical trials in developing countries, where an HIV vaccine is needed most
  • Adopt policies to support HIV vaccine research, such as incentives for increased private sector investment

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies:

  • Be actively engaged in HIV vaccine research; increase investments and target resources to support the priority areas of the Enterprise scientific plan
  • Provide technical expertise to build capacity for HIV vaccine development and manufacturing
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure that intellectual property concerns are addressed in order to accelerate vaccine development

Community leaders, advocates, and nongovernmental organizations:

  • Advocate on behalf of HIV vaccine research and the priorities in the Enterprise scientific plan as part of a comprehensive response to the epidemic
  • Promote meaningful community engagement in vaccine research by broadening research awareness and encouraging participation in community advisory boards at clinical trial sites
  • Work with the media to ensure communities are informed regarding HIV vaccine research progress, priorities, and activities
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