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Scientific Strategic Plan

The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise’s mission to accelerate the development of an HIV vaccine is an international, wide-ranging, scientific assessment of the current state of the field and future challenges and opportunities. These assessments make up the Enterprise Scientific Strategic Plan. This is an inclusive, compelling plan that will reflect the views of the world's leading scientists and the perspectives of the world’s major stakeholders engaged in HIV vaccine research and development.

The Enterprise is developing the 2010 Scientific Strategic Plan, which will include an assessment of the impact of the 2005 Scientific Strategic Plan, key scientific questions for consideration, a delineation of structural, organizational and capacity-building approaches, recommendations for funding, and milestones to measure success.

The development of the 2010 Plan will be guided by a Strategic Advisory Board and is driven by five Working Groups.

The five Working Groups, developed out of the discussion of the Science Committee, are comprised of leading researchers representing a broad range of scientific approaches, as well as representatives from the many stakeholders involved in HIV vaccine research. Additional Working Groups will be formed to address issues that create an enabling environment to conduct HIV vaccine research and development.

The structure of the development of the 2010 Scientific Strategic Plan is illustrated below.

Organigram for the HIV Vaccine Enterprise Scientific Strategic Plan
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