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The Enterprise Scientific Strategic Plan is meant to be inclusive and to offer opportunities for all funders to participate in the global effort. Global participation is key if we are to secure a rich diversity of scientific approaches and wide-spread support for vaccine research and development. Therefore, to ensure global implementation of the 2010 Plan, the Enterprise is supporting and actively participating in several meetings and initiatives that will further HIV vaccine research and development in various geographical regions:

  • African AIDS Vaccine Program (AAVP). The Enterprise sits on the AAVP Transition Committee, which provides guidance and advice to the AAVP Steering Committee and the AAVP Secretariat on strategy for the AAVP’s transition to an African-led program based in Africa. As a member of the AAVP Transition Committee, the Enterprise also participates in the selection of a permanent site for the AAVP secretariat in Africa. The Enterprise Secretariat also provides support to AAVP communications and participates in the international organizing committee for the AAVP Forum that will be held in Kampala, Uganda in December 2009.
  • AIDS Vaccine Asian Network (AVAN). The Enterprise provides strategic advice and support for AVAN through ex-officio membership on the AVAN Task Force. The Task Force is charged with defining structural and organizational approaches and milestones for the development of a regional Asian HIV vaccine research and development strategic plan.
  • Enterprise Coordinating Group to Prepare for the Release of HIV Vaccine Efficacy Trial Results (Coordinating Group). On October 1, 2009 the Enterprise re-convened the Coordinating Group in New York to discuss the results of the Prime Boost Thai Trial announced in September. The Coordinating Group was first organized in 2007 in preparation for the release of the STEP trial results. The original 18-member group has been expanded to include 40 members from 14 countries. At the meeting on October 1, the sponsors of the Thai Trial shared information with the group about scientific, clinical, community relations, communications, and operational issues related to the trial.
  • In October 2008, the Enterprise hosted a colloquium on Systems Biology to encourage the sharing and adoption of new tools and new technologies from other fields as well as the interaction and collaboration with researchers from outside the field. A second meeting, Systems Biology and HIV Vaccine Development, is planned for February 2010.
  • The Enterprise is the host of the annual AIDS Vaccine Conference, the largest and most important global scientific conference focused on AIDS vaccine research. Please visit our AIDS Vaccine Conference page for more information.
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