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Join the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise

Since its founding in 2005, the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise stakeholders have:

  • Increased government, foundation and industry support for HIV vaccine research
  • Mobilized more than US$750 million for cutting edge HIV vaccine research
  • Promoted new tools, systems and information sharing strategies to speed research
  • Supported the creation of collaborative global HIV vaccine development consortia:
    • The Collaboration for AIDS Vaccine Discovery (CAVD)
    • The Center for HIV-AIDS Immunology (CHAVI)
  • Supported efforts to expand HIV vaccine research in developing countries:
    • AIDS Vaccine Asian Network (AVAN)
    • African AIDS Vaccine Program (AAVP)
  • Organized the world’s primary HIV vaccine research conference
  • Spearheaded efforts to encourage the best young and early career researchers to enter HIV vaccine research
Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise - Current Stakeholders

Moving forward, Enterprise stakeholders are working to accelerate HIV vaccine research progress by:

  • Bringing new human and financial resources to the field
  • Updating the scientific strategic plan based on the latest research knowledge,
  • Keeping global attention focused on the need for an effective HIV vaccine
  • Using every scientific and organizational tool available, and develop new ones as needed, to overcome the barriers to developing a safe and effective HIV vaccine.

If your organization is interested in joining the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, please contact us at or +1 212-461-3692.

Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, 200 Park Ave. S. Suite 1501, New York, NY 10003 | +1 212-461-3692 or toll free at +1-866-966-4483

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