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HIV Vaccine State of the Field

The development of a safe and effective preventive vaccine against HIV would transform the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world. It is one of the most complex scientific challenges ever undertaken.

The story of the field’s progress is best told by our partners - the organizations that comprise the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise. Please visit the links below for facts and statistics on HIV/AIDS around the world, information on vaccines, and a historical review of HIV vaccine development.

Our best chance at developing a vaccine requires:
  • a deepening biological understanding of the human immune response and genetic diversity;
  • new ideas and new minds;
  • dynamic and close interaction between fundamental, preclinical and clinical research;
  • development of knowledge-rich exploratory phase 1 trials; and
  • inclusive discussion on the social, ethical, regulatory, intellectual property, access and legal issues.

Map of HIV Vaccine Trials
Countries Conducting HIV Clinical Trials

State of the HIV Vaccine Field: Related Links For more information on how you can help the Enterprise accelerate the development of an HIV vaccine, click here
  • An Understanding of HIV/AIDS - Provides HIV/AIDS statistics, information on testing and treatment and facts including causes, symptoms and risk factors (Source: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease)
  • AIDS Policy and Practice - Offers a comprehensive overview of the state of HIV-related issues including: gender issues, emergency and humanitarian response, counseling and testing, HIV prevention, treatment, care and support, sexual and reproductive health, science and research (Source: UNAIDS)
  • AIDS Vaccine Clearinghouse – Provides a gateway to information about AIDS vaccine research (Source: AVAC)
  • Developing an HIV Vaccine - Provides an overview of HIV/AIDS, a historical review of the quest for an HIV vaccine and an HIV vaccine FAQ (Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative)
  • History of the Collaborations for AIDS Vaccine Discovery - Provides a historical review about the need to address collaborate to further HIV vaccine development (Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
  • HIV/AIDS Data and Statistics - Presents worldwide HIV/AIDS data and statistics in the form of reports (Source: World Health Organization)
  • HIV Prevention Research: A Comprehensive Timeline - Summarizes the major HIV prevention research trials that are underway today (Source: AVAC)
  • Possible HIV Vaccine Strategies - Presents information on the various types of experimental HIV vaccines (Source: HIV Vaccine Trials Network)
  • Possible HIV Vaccine Outcomes - Offers details about the variety of ways that scientists believe a preventive HIV vaccine might work (Source: HIV Vaccine Trials Network)
  • Why a Vaccine - Provides an overview of the HIV pandemic, indicates measures to respond, provide information on the types of vaccines and how a vaccine might be accepted worldwide if it were developed (Source: International AIDS Vaccine Initiative)
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