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AIDS Vaccine 2009 - Request A Satellite

AIDS Vaccine 2009 Conference Procedures and Guidelines for Satellite Sessions

As the AIDS Vaccine Conference grows, we receive multiple requests each year for satellite meetings. To maintain the scientific integrity of the conference, the Scientific Organizer requires all organizations (non-profit and commercial) that wish to host a satellite meeting in conjunction with the AIDS Vaccine Conference, to complete the request form.

Meeting rooms will be available at the conference hotel, the Marriott Rive Gauche and a nearby venue.

Satellite Schedule

To insure that Satellite meetings do not interfere with the conference agenda there are specified times to host a Satellite. The following days and times are permitted based on approval from the Scientific Organizer and space availability:

Monday, 19 February ( 8:30 – 16:00 )
Thursday, 22 February ( 14:00 – 18:00 )

Request a Satellite

Please complete the interactive satellite request form and send it to the Scientific Organizer, Anna Laura Ross, as specified on the form. Only fully completed request forms will be reviewed.

Also, please attach an additional document outlining the content of the satellite session. The information provided on the outline will help to gauge the scientific merit of the proposed session. Include the following:
  • Organizers and Co-Organizers: The organizer’s name and contact email will be listed on the Satellite Sessions webpage.
  • Description of the session: Please include a more thorough description of the session than what is included in the Session Summary on the Satellite Request Form.
  • Facilitators: Who will be executing the presentation of the session?
  • Agenda outline: Please include an overall time frame of the session.
You will be notified within 14 days after submission of your request.

Coordination and Costs

All costs associated with a satellite meeting including food, room rental and audio visual, will be the responsibility of the satellite organizer.

Upon confirmation, the Satellite Organizer will receive a confirmation from Conference Solutions, confirming the venue, assigned meeting room and contact at the venue. It is the responsibility of the satellite organizer to communicate all meeting details direct with the venue and arrange for payment with the venue.

Publicizing your Satellite

It is optional to have your satellite posted on the conference website and in the conference program book. Please specify the attendance and publicity policy of the session on the satellite request form. The satellite session contact name and email address will be posted on the website.

Policies, Guidelines and Liability

  • All satellite presenters must apply for a satellite and be accepted. Violators of the AIDS Vaccine 2009 satellite policies may be subject to sanctions that include denial of admission at current or future AIDS Vaccine Conferences and forfeiture of the organization’s ability to present abstracts or hold a Satellite at future AIDS Vaccine Conferences.
  • All satellite presenters must be registered for the AIDS Vaccine 2009 Conference prior to June 30, 2009.
  • Satellite requests received after June 15th will not be published in the Conference Program.
  • Please complete one request form per satellite.
  • The satellite presenter is liable for any injury or accidents to people or property while conducting ancillary functions.

Satellite Request Form

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